10 January 2008

A Good Start

I am one week into my new health & fitness program (I'm not gonna use the word "diet") and I've lost 6 pounds. YAY!! I know that seems like a lot, but believe me, I started with a lot of poundage and I have a long way to go. But at least it is progress in the right direction.

Thoughts so far:

1) Why are bicycle seats so damn uncomfortable? My butt is the one really sore body part after 40 minutes of stationary bike riding the other day.

2) I don't think I can ween myself off the coke just yet. I am down to 1 coke a day which really is a accomplishment for me. However, the two days I went without coke at all, I severely struggled to get up the next morning. Like slept through my alarm struggled. Ugh!

3) Salad isn't half bad.

4) Still haven't developed that taste for water, but I am drinking a lot more of it than before.

5) I've found that I don't like being at home cause the fridge is just to tempting. I'd rather be at the gym after work than come home early to the temptation. I take that as a good thing.

6) Whoever invented that elliptical machine should be shot. That thing is torture (and I've only been able to survive 5 minutes on it).

7) Onward to the 2nd week......

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