11 September 2007

What's in Janet's House

I am an organizational freak. Most of my friends already know this, but just in case you didn't, now you know. Everythign has its place, the clothes are put away or hung up according to color and then type and those clear plastic tubes are my bestest friends.

So, I thought I would share a few items in my house which help with my neat freak-ed-ness.

First up are the media binders. Back in the day, I tried the CD tower, but with a growing collection of CDs, my CD tower was reaching Tower of Babel porportions. And lets not even discuss the eyesore that those CD towers are in one's living room. Yuck!

So a shopping trip to the lovely West Elm store in NYC a few years back had me discovering these little beauties pictured on the left here......canvas covered CD binders. Each binder hold about 80-100 CDs and they look nice enough to put on a shelf in your living room. My four binders are red, but West Elm has various colors.... flax, beet, & espresso are their current color choices. They have other canvas colored storage items, so check them all out at the West Elm website. Any of these items will look great on your shelves.

Next, I needed to organize the growing collection of DVDs. The binders above are nice for holding the DVD discs, but they don't hold the DVD inserts/covers very well. So, I searched and searched the world over for the perfect DVD case. Several trips through Best Buy, Circuit City, and many, mnay other stores later, I finally found this lovely little binder from SoundKase.

The case hold 80 (or 120) DVDs and their inserts/covers and those DVD sets with two DVDs fit perfectly into one side. Now, I know it doesn't exactly look great on one's shelves in all it's black plastic/vinyl glory, but until West Elm makes me a canvas covered DVD binder, this is the binder I am buying..... My one complaint is that some covers don't exactly fit very will in the clear sleeve, but it is nothing a good pair of scissors can't help solve.

Anyhow....you can find this binder at Amazon.com.

My friend Joy, who received this binder for her birthday from me, emailed me to let me know that apparently you get "lifetime technical assistance" with the binder as well. Just in case you can't figure out that zipper that opens and closes it. Hee.


jane said...

Do you freelance? I'm in desperate need of some organization!

Joy said...

Perhaps you can come pack my suitcases for England??

Once this tag sale is done I'm heading into organizing CDs and DVDs. Time to start condensing and condensing.

Janet said...

Always glad to help out friends....but I am expensive! :-)