09 September 2007

How 'Bout a Picnic Basket?

My life just isn't that exciting right now, so my blog posts are few and far between. Not that I am complaining about a non-exciting life right now, cause usually with the excitement comes the stress and I certainly don't need that right now.

As for work, it is busy and the overtime is still pouring in. I had to work on Saturday and give a presentation at 8am. Yay for Saturday meetings! [/sarcasm] I am learning a ton which is all goodness and all that extra overtime money is going into a special saving account I set up for future use.

Also on Saturday, our work group got together for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we had good food and lots of laughs. Almost our entire work group was there along with spouses, kids, and even dogs. I played volleyball for the first time in many, many years. It wasn't a very impressive display of skill, but after a knee and elbow replacement, that fact that I am even able to be out on the court is good enough for me.

But after a long day of work and play, I was pretty exhausted, so it was home, shower, and early to bed. Woke up Sunday feeling like I had a hangover despite the lack of alcohol the night before. Welcome to getting old!

And finally, I am watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition right now and this show ALWAYS makes me cry. Ty and the gang have the best job in TV.... going around the USA building new houses for some good folks who really deserve wonderful new homes. But seriously, I need a box a kleenex everytime I watch the show.

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Joy said...

You big softie!