03 August 2007

Blue Angels

This weekend is the annual Seattle SeaFair event to celebrate summer here in the Pacific NW. As part of the celebration, SeaFair puts on a fabulous airshow complete with the Blue Angels, the US Navy's elite formation flying squad.

Yesterday, they were out practicing and getting acquainted with the area and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat of their takeoffs from the local airport here in Seattle. Standing on the roof of my building at work, we had an eye level view of the Blue Angels as they past by us. The smoke, the roar of the engines, and the precision formation flying was awesome to see.

I am volunteering in the Air Operations group for SeaFair over the weekend so hopefully I will have other opportunities to see the Blue Angels takeoff and land as well as all the other airshow participants.

Today however, I am taking a vacation day and heading down to the hydroplane race area as my volunteer credentials get me into the pit area. Should be a fun day.... if it stops raining!

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