22 May 2006

Missing Computers

What is it with corporations loosing computers with people's private info stored in the machine?

First, some HR idiot at my own company gets their laptop stolen. On the computer are hundreds of employee's personal info. Great! I wont even begin on the rant of why this HR idiot was allowed to take such private info off company property in the first place. So I sign up for the free Credit Guard thing they offered and diligently watch my credit card and bank account for any unusual happenings.

And just when I think I can breath easy.....

My friggin' mortgage company just sends me a letter informing that they shipped a computer from one location to another and it never showed up. And what was on that computer, you ask? Only my name, address, and SSN. Fan-friggin'-tastic!

Why do I even bother with all the protections I have in place at home (shredding, etc...) when these companies show so little regard for my personal and private info? Jeeze, why not just post my SSN in Times Square for everyone to see?!

So, I am off to re-sign up for the Credit Guard protection thing and re-check my credit ratings and, again, keep an eye on my cards and accounts.



Joy said...

ARGH! That's horrible.

Is this a bad time to tell you that a truck with information from DSW was lost/hijacked last fall and all the credit card information of the customers who bought shoes was lost.

They've got to come up with better systems for these things. There's got to be a better way of proving you're you!

Janet said...

Yeah, I knew about the DSW thing as well, but I couldnt remember if DSW got their computer's hacked or what exactly happened. I got a letter from them as well.

And your right.... there has to be a better way of storing folk's private info.

Anonymous said...

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