24 May 2006

American Idol Thoughts

I havent watched ANY of Am. Idol this year. Not one second. That was until last night's final sing-off. With the TV season winding down, there didnt seem to be much else of a choice last night.

I wasnt tremendously impressed with either of the two finalists. If I was forced to choose based solely on last night, I would choose Taylor, but the whole "soul patrol" thing is quickly becoming obnoxious.

However... color me impressed with parts of the Wednesday night show. I really enjoyed the finalists singing with real professionals. Paris with Al Jerrau was fun and Kathrine with Meatloaf was really a creative and inspired pairing. MaryJ and Elliott singing U2's 'One' was simply awesome!

Then they had to cheese it up totally with that insipid "Golden Idol Award" thing. Way to ruin a good show guys.

And isn't it amazing that so many artists are now clamoring to be on Idol (PRINCE for goodness sakes!) for the publicity and sales when 3 years ago they were dissing it as a cheesy reality show. Yes, it still is a cheesy reality TV show, but with 20-35 million viewers every week, you cant ignore the ratings and potential CD sales.

And what was up with Clay's haircut (or lack of a haircut)? I cant decide if I like it or HATE it. Reminds me of Jared Padalecki's long locks, but somehow, my first impression is that Jared pulls off that look so much better (see below). However, this style does seem to be the latest "style" on the boys these days.



Joy said...

What? You don't like Fraggle hair?

catherine said...

Man, Jared Padalecki is cute.

Anonymous said...

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