30 August 2005

The End of the Road

The nasty cold I caught is now over.... and so is the vacation. I am headed home tomorrow morning from a fun, but exhausting long weekend following Mr. Aiken around on his current tour. With my friends DJ and Skate, we headed to Boston first, navigating around a horrendous traffic back up. The Boston concert was great, but dang, where did all that heat and humidity come from? I was dripping in sweat by the time I got out of that venue. Not exactly a fun way to spend an evening... miserably hot and sweaty.

The next morning, apparently our hotel had a fire in their electrical room. Thank goodness we had checked out and were about to leave cause we heard later they had to bus guests to another hotel. What fun! At least I got to see some very hot fire men. :-)

Next we were off to Vermont and the Champaign Valley Fair. The very small Champaign Valley Fair. I had to have some Funnel Cake since it is a requirement of all fair visits. And thank goodness it was cooler at this concert, cause I think I sweated off 10 pounds the previous night in Boston.

This morning we headed back to Skate's place, but along the way we had to stop by Ben & Jerry's factory for a tour and some free ice cream. Yum! I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Cherry Garcia rules! And they make smoothies with real ice cream and real fruit. I will save my rant on smoothies made with artificial fruit liquid crap for another time, but lets just say, B&J did an excellent job on their smoothies. They also actually have real cows in the front of their factory and a vintage T-shirt that says "Lick It". Hee.

I dont really want to go back to work, but at least there is a 3 day weekend coming up. YAY!


catherine said...

I want a "Lick It" shirt!

Cherry Garcia is good and all but Phish Food is the best ice cream ever. It may be the best food ever.

Anonymous said...

You know I want to see a picture of that shirt!

(BTW, this is Jane - for some reason, Blogger won't let me post my name!)