02 September 2005

This is not the time to blame

We all know the events in New Orleans are horribly tragic. I cant even fathom what the conditions must be like down there. My thoughts and prayers are with all the folks who have been effected by this Hurricane.

I am, however, already sick of everyone pointing blame at President Bush. "Bush didn't do this" and "Bush didn't do that". Lets get some facts straight.

It wasn't Bush who designed levees to only withstand a Category 3 Hurricane (Katrina was a category 4).

It wasn't Bush who decided to locate the Crisis Command Center in New Orleans on the GROUND FLOOR in a city largely below sea level.

It wasn't Bush who ignored repeated warnings of this impending disaster year after year after year as hurricanes narrowly missed the area.

The infrastructure in the area is GONE. Think about it. No bridges, impassable roads, no phone lines, no electricity, no water, no cell towers..... NOTHING! Its not easy to roll in the trucks of supplies and food or buses for evacuation when the roads are impassable or non-existent.

There will be blame enough for MANY folks once this is all over, but maybe we should all focus on helping where we can right now instead of looking for blame.

Ok, that's off my chest.

If you want to help, please donate to the American Red Cross or

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