08 July 2008

Loosing Weight

When I last updated y'all on the diet at the end of May, I had lost roughly 34 pounds.  I got back on track in June, but progress has been slow.

It is now early July and I have been at the weight loss thing for 6 months now.  Per the scale this morning, I have now lost 38 pounds and over 2 full sizes of clothes.  I am not complaining at all cause that is a great achievement for me.  I went clothes shopping the other day for some summer shorts and it was so nice to go down 2 whole sizes in pants.  I only bought 2 pair of shorts cause I still want to loose more weight and drop a few more sizes before I go out and pretty much have to get a new wardrobe.  But, it is a great feeling to be able to take your jeans on and off without having to unbutton the waistband or unzip the zipper.  

Then I read this article this morning and realized that when I started this diet, I kept a food journal for the first 3+ months.  I stopped after getting back from Japan and that's when the diet stalled and the progress slowed down.  I have only lost 8 pounds since returning from Japan in early April.... I should have lost more and I think the main reason the progress slowed is because I was no longer keeping the food journal and counting my calories daily. 

So, today, I am back to keeping the food journal.  Based on a recommendation from a friend, I use SparkPeople.  Weird name, but it is a great website where you can keep track of your daily calories and food intake and keep account of your workout routine and weight loss.  Plus there are recipes, forums, and a whole bunch more.  

My goal is to loose 80 pounds total by the end of the year, so I got to kick it in gear and get busy loosing the weight.  42 pounds to go!

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Jessica said...

Ah, I hate it that they show I posted a comment and deleted it. I just did it cuz I made a typo! LOL

I'm going to look into that Sparkpeople thing you suggest. Though Nutrisystem makes me keep a physical journal too. It does help to keep track of things that way. Good luck and congrats on the weight lost so far!