06 May 2008

Camera Resolutions

One camera problem resolved. I found another FZ20 on ebay and was able to win the auction. Camera is slightly used, but in good shape overall.

However, I still don't have my new Tamron 28-300 lens back from the repair shop. I did hear from my local camera store that the damage to the lens is covered under the warranty so I don't have to pay anything for the repair, but I am not sure if I am gonna get the lens back in time before I leave for my Alaska cruise this coming Saturday. Ugh!!!

I did check and another local camera store does rent lenses, but that will cost me roughly $120 for a week's rental. So.... do I go ahead and rent the lens or do I use my FZ20 with 1.7x teleconverter (for a whopping 720mm zoom) for the long distance zoom shots?? I still plan on taking the Canon and the new 11-20mm super wide zoom and I have a 17-85mm mid-range zoom, but I probably won't have the 28-300mm zoom unless I rent it. What to do???

1 comment:

Joy said...

Given that in Africa you ended up using the Panasonic so much, it probably makes sense to rely on that. I didn't realize renting a lens is that expensive. Yikes!