22 February 2008

Gone Fishin'

Today is our last day of training. We finished everything we had to do early, so we are headed over to Miami Beach where a few of us are going fishing. I've been fishing before, but never successfully caught a fish. I just hope the ocean is relatively peaceful cause I am not looking forward to hurling over the side of another boat on this Miami trip.

Yesterday after work, we went out to the Everglades and caught an air boat ride. It was fun, but I wish the boat could have gone a bit faster; we kinda just putted along for most of the trip. We did see more alligators and turtles and birds and it was a beautiful sunset as we were boating along, so it was all-in-all good. I've always wanted to go on an air boat ride, so I am now able to cross that off my life's "To Do" list.

Photos of the air boat ride and the fishing will hopefully be coming soon.

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