08 October 2007

Late Night with Janet

It's almost 9pm and here I am still at work. I thought I was doing ok on this 2nd shift thing, but boy am I tired tonight. I like waking up in the morning and not haveing to rush off to work; kind of ease into the day. Plus, in the morning, I am getting a lot more done around the house cause I am not exhausted like I usually am after a normal work shift. So I guess my exhausted-ness is still at the end of the day, however, now I am at work at the end of the day instead of being at home after work.

I am also walking A LOT! Its a good 1/2 mile round trip out to our test facility and back and we make that trip 3-4 times a night. Good for the fitness, but that probably adds to my exhausted feeling. Maybe I will loose some wieght this week while on 2nd. That would be an added benefit.

2 hours to go before I get to go home....

1 comment:

Joy said...

It's only two weeks. Just imagine the fun you'll have when you're jumping around time zones!

I've got so much more energy in the evenings than during the day. I'd probably work better on 2nd shift. But then I probably would get even less done at home.