06 April 2007

Sounds of Africa

It has been a slow week here at work. Found out there is now a hickup with the loan-in job I am supposed to go to in late May. Love the beauracracy at large companies.

So, while I have been working away, I have been listening to (and occassionally watching) Africam. What is Africam? It is a live video feed from a watering hole in the Sabi Sands reserve in South Africa. Now most of the time, all you see is just a watering hole, but every once in a while, you may catch elephants or zebra or baboons playing around.

Since Africa is 9 hour ahead of us time-wise, it is usually night time at the Africam watering hole and not much to see. And since I can't spend all my working hours watching the feed, I mainly just listen with my headphones. And it is awesome! The critters and bird of the night make this wonderful symphony of sounds that is so relaxing. Today there is a storm passing the area so you have the sounds of rain and thunder included in the chorus. It is better than any of those new age sounds of nature CDs you could ever buy.

26 more days until I head to Africa to hear these wonderful sounds myself!

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