12 February 2007

New Shoes Cure Sickness!

Unfortunately, they don't really, but I can only hope.

I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. At least my stomach is. Naeusous and queasy. Not much fun.

However, I did get some new shoes this weekend!

I was in the mall for another reason and just happened to walk by a Sketchers store. I originally saw these cool airplane themed converse-style shoes in the window and went in to try them on. While waiting for the shoe lady as she diappeared into the back to retrieve my shoes, I noticed this cool pair of shoes (pictured).

I also saw a cool pair of patchwork blue van-like slip on shoes that were just too cute for words. Of course, I had to try both these shoes on as well.

I ended up with the olive pair shown above and the cute blue vans. Although the airplane shoes were cute, they were a bit pricey.

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