28 January 2007

Must Love Dogs

Last night I went with a friend to a birthday party. It was up north of town. The couple hosting the party live on a nice horse farm and it was awesome petting and feeding their horses Lala, Betty Boop, and Forrest.

This couple had two dogs and along with inviting all their friends over for the birthday party, they also invited all their friends dogs. It was like a big 'ol dog party. I think there were 7-8 dogs wandering around the house. And we are not talking those ankle biter, floor mop yapping furball kind of dogs. The smallest dog there was Tulsa, the pyschotic Border Collie. Two Golden Retrievers, a Huskie, a German Pointer, and Edgar the lovable Rotweiller made up the rest of the group. I may have two cats, but I love dogs and had a blast playing with them.

There was also a "Dang, I wish I had my camera" moment as the husband running the grill with all our meat and fish for dinner had an audience of 3-4 dogs sitting right at the base of the grill intently eying the savory meats and flashing their best "feed me some of that" puppy dog eyes. Not to mention once we started eating and most of the dogs were sent outside to the deck and they all plastered themselves against the sliding glass window just eying us eating their steak and fish. Awesome!

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