21 November 2006

You Want Me When Where?

I am getting close to my closeing of my new condo here in Seattle which is good thing. All along, I had been told that I would sign all the paperwork on Monday and take possession on Tuesday. Great! I would then schedule the movers to deliver the furniture on Friday and I would have all weekend to unpack and get somewhat settled.

Well, as they say, best laid plans.....

Today I find out that they want me to come down tomorrow to sign the paperwork and I would take ownership on Monday. Ok. No problem except for having to navigate Seattle's horrible traffic on the day before Thanksgiving, but I can live with that.

Then I call the movers. The earliest they can move me in is Monday, December 4th. So there go my brilliant plans to unpack over the weekend.

Then I just realized that I may be in some mandatory training that week, so I may have to postpone the move in another week.

I just keep repeating to myself.... 'It's almost over. This move is almost over.'

1 comment:

Joy said...

Awwww.... that sucks. Maybe you need a trip to the East Coast to cheer you up.

Does it make feel better to know I spent 3 hours in holiday traffic tonight trying to get home?