28 November 2006


Snow in November in Seattle. And not that light little dusting that disappears quickly, but the full on blizzard deal. YAY, I am so excited [/sarcasm].

Seattle folks are already bad drivers, so when you add some snow, the roads become litteral parking lots. Do they not teach these people how to drive on snow? Or when you get stuck on a patch of ice that you don't sit there and spin you wheels? Morons!

I got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams yesterday as I was coming back form moving the first of my stuff into my new condo (YAY!). And yes, there were many folks trying to get out of ice patches by just pressing on their accelerator and spinning their back wheels at high speed. And of course, they weren't going anywhere. Low gears folks, that is what those rarely used "2" and "L" things on your gear shift are for. Heck in the "2" gear, my wussy little Camry pretty much moved along slow and steady by itself without even hitting the accelerator.

So now it is the day after and there are only three of us here at work in our group. Everyone else is probably still sleeping in their warm beds at home.

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