06 November 2006

Deal or No Deal?

"Deal" it is as the offer on the condo was accepted. YAY!!!

So, now it is off to finalize the mortgage financing, get the insurance, and figure out when I am moving in.

I am just glad the house-hunting went so smoothly and quickly. We looked at a lot of duds and I was getting worried that I wouldnt be able to find anything nice in my price range.

But again, God was looking out for me. All along on this house selling/buying thing, I have just kept reminding myself to trust God and all will work out fine. And despite a wee bit of stress here and there, it has worked out fine. It is amazing that the two areas of my life that I have handed over completely to God (work and house) have been teh two areas I have been most rewarded and blessed with. I should take that lesson and apply it to other areas of my life, especially financial.

Which brings me to something a good friend said to my last night that was slightly eye opening. I asked my friend Joy about what I should buy if I want to learn how to cook. Instead of recommending new Calphalon pans or a fancy new blender, she said that my first reaction to trying to educate or learn about something is to go out and spend money.

At first, I was like... Wha? But the more I though about it, the more I realized how true this was. In photograqphy, cooking, crafts, and computers, my first thought is what can I buy to do this or do this better? And an awful lot of that money goes to waste with items that I seldom or never use.

So maybe this recognition and understanding of my spending habits is the first step in handing over my finances to God. No, God is not actually gonna write my checks for me, but I do need to trust him more regarding how I spend and use my money.

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Joy said...

I didn't mean to be mean about it. I just meant to get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty. As you need new things, you'll know. :)