16 August 2006

Mental Health Day

So, I called in sick today. The events of the last two days have got me quite down in the dumps and well, lets just say, work was the last thing on my mind.

I wont get into the details, but my relocation is up in the air and I got into a fight with my boss about it. Now, all the sudden, I am "not a team player" for some reason. Yeah, I'm confused as well.

So, I am gonna stay in my PJs today and lounge around. It's nice outside, so maybe I will go lay out on my deck and get a little sun on my lilly white self.

An old college friend called and she in NYC for the rest of the week. I think I might take Friday off as well and go into Manhatten and join her for some touristy/shopping things.

I will eventually get my mind back on track and be the good little employee that I usually am, but this week, I am focusing on me for while; getting me and my brain back to a happy spot.

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