26 July 2006

Relocation Choices

My corporate relocation policy has it so that I have to have two real estate agents view my property, give me a sales pitch on how they plan on selling my home and then I get to pick one.

Yesterday, I set up appointents for both agents to come and view my condo per the policy.

So, real estate agent #1 shows up on time, is friendly, funny, and professional. Has a great pitch and his company comes highly recommended.

Real estate agent #2 is a no show and does not call. An hour after RA2's schedule appointment, I call her. She had an illness in the family and will call me back to reschedule. I am sympathetic to illnesses in the family, but how much trouble is it to make one simple phone call.

I think I have already made up my mind on who I am gonna pick. :-)

Oh....and a few misc. things.
1) The saying is apparently "F/8 and Be There" (not 'be prepared') as I had it. Thanks to my buddy Joy for pointing that out to me.
2) My new couch arrived today. YEAH!!! Now I just have to keep the psycho cats from scratching this one up like they did my last one.

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