26 June 2006

I am sooooo Sore!

Replacing your living room carpet with hardwood foor is a lot harder and more physically taxing than it should be. Ripping up carpet and hauling it to the trash, wrenching up the carpet tack strips, staples, and existing molding, sawing boards so they are the right size, and then piecing said boards together requires a lot of bending, squating, lifting, pulling, pushing, and hammering. My shoulders and feet are killing me and don't even get me started on how painful it is to bend over or even squat. Ugh... my back and thighs are soooo sore.

But the new floor does look nice and I am making progress. Here are a few photos. This is the start of the project on Saturday.

Here is the floor on Sunday afternoon. I finally made it around the column in the center of the living room. By Sunday evening, I was a little over 1/2 way done in the Living room. The part in the photo below where the boards are staggerd is now completed wall to wall.

I plan on giving my poor aching body a break for a day or two before trying to finish up the LR next weekend. I'll post more photos as the progression continues.

Now where did I put that bottle of Advil???

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Jessica said...

Wow, I wish I had the energy and motivation to do that to my apartment! That looks awesome!