09 May 2006

Life without a Countertop!

I am on my third week without a kitchen countertop.

I thought this whole process was gonna go a lot quicker and a lot smoother. But after everything was pried up and the old countertop removed, I discovered I needed to order a 'special order' 6-inch base cabinet. Crap! Home Depot promised me that it would be delivered by Monday (the 8th), but it is still not here. Crappity Crap!

So, I continue to wait without a countertop, cause I cant get the brand spankin' new granite countertop installed until the little 6" base cabinet shows up. Lets not even discuss the shimming I have to do to make all the cabinets level. Grrr.

So, the microwave is on the dinning room table with an extension chord to give it power and there is a stack of paper plates and plastic utensils on top of the buffet beacuse I have no running water in the kitchen to wash any real dishes. And God help me, but I am sick of take-out food and microwavable pizza rolls.

Someday I will have a pretty new granite countertop with a pretty new undermount sink and will be able to cook like a real person. *sigh*

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