30 April 2008


Just a quick blog to report that I am still alive, but very busy at the moment. I am in another training class for work this weeks which means 6am report time again. Ugh... I miss my sleep!

I have also just signed up for a Japanese language class. It is a virtual class, but it means running around getting a headset with a microphone for the laptop and picking up the course materials before next Wednesday.

Then I have my upcoming Alaska cruise vacation that I am getting ready for. I ordered the awesomest pair of rubber boats for the cruise (they strongly recommended you get a pair for zodiac landings). Plus, I am trying to resolve the two broken camera situation before leaving. Ugh... great timing on the broken camera thing. I am thrilled.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Lovely wellies. Where did you get them?
How goes the camera struggle? I was back out today playing photographer (for a local event here). I'm so thankful I've had no trouble with my little canon.
What's the weather like in Alaska these days?