08 April 2008

Home Sweet Home - Part 2

My friend Joy asked in the comment section of my last post what luxuries am I enjoying now that I am home from Japan.

I have four luxuries that I am enjoying now that I am back in the USA.
1) Hibernation from People. I enjoyed Tokyo, but there were just way to many people there. I was so fed up with crowds by the time I got home that I shut the doors and curtains and didn't emerge from my place for three days. Just me & my cats lounging around in PJs (me in PJs, not my cats) for three days was a nice break from the assault of people & noise that never seems to cease in Tokyo.

2) Pizza. They just don't do good pizza in Japan, so I have had pizza that last two nights. Yum!!!

3) TV. Yes, they have TV in Japan, but most channels are local Japanese channels so I didn't watch TV for a month (I did catch a few of the season opener MLB games in Tokyo, but it was all in Japanese). I spent much of this past weekend catching up on my TiVo'd shows.

4) Jeans & tennis shoes. We are expected to dress up for work in Japan so that meant a month of dress slacks, silk blouses, blazers and heels. Ugh! I am so happy to be wearing jeans and comfy shoes to work.

Things from Japan I miss....
1) Heated toilet seats (they are really awesome!)
2) Learning lots of Japanese cause not many folks spoke English.
3) Maid service. The best part of hotel life is they make your bed everyday!
4) Udon & Ramen noodles for lunch at the cafeteria every day. Hey, I lost 10 pounds in Japan so the inexpensive noodle lunches can't be that bad.

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Anonymous said...

Please send pizza! I'm dying over here. I'm almost ready to order Dominoes in desperation!

The visual of you and your cats all wearing pjs was pretty funny. I can just imagine Buttercup with the remote catching up on television.