14 February 2008


I've been here almost a week and really haven't seen more than the immediate area around the Miami Airport. Fun, I know! The class I'm here for is located near the airport and so is my hotel, so I just haven't had much time to venture beyond the airport area. A few of us are headed out tonight to Coconut Grove, FL for dinner. The restaurant is on the waterfront, so hopefully, it will be nice. The weather is certainly very nice.

I finally got all my photos from Kennedy Space center off the camera, so I hope to have some of those for you soon.

The diet has been a challenge while here in Miami. Hotel rooms are just not conducive to eating healthy. I have been doing ok meal-wise, but certainly not as well as I was doing before I left. They do have a workout room here and a pool, so I have been trying to workout after the training class each day. The pool is not a lap pool, so I have had to create a lane to swim in... kinda angling along the longest length of the pool's dimensions. Fun! My goal in this two weeks is to, at a minimum, maintain the 15 pounds I had lost prior to heading to Miami.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Joy said...

Hope you're having some fun in Miami. Swimming laps around the kids in the hotel pool sounds like fun.

Given the stress, lack of time and craziness, I'm trying to remember to eat and getting random healthy things into me. Got to love vitamin supplements.