01 May 2007

We're Off!

This morning at o'dark thirty, I dropped off two of my African traveling companions at the airport. It has finally started.... this great big 'ol African Adventure. It seems like yesterday we were all on the phone and someone innocently mentioned "I have always wanted to go to Africa". That started the ball rolling and now ten months later, we are almost there. I have been speding the day checking my friends UAL flights and right now they are in the air over Canada on their way to London.

Me, I am still here in Seattle, working away and stressing out. Trying to wrap up work stuff, move my office to a new location, take training classes for the new job I get when I get back, and get packed and organized for a 20 day trip. ARGH!!!

After dragging me across the coals this past weekend, my cold has finally ended. This is one of the few times I will thank the stars for having a auto-immune condition and the superman immune system that comes with it. Instead of colds lasting 7-10 days, mine last 4 days. Blessings and curses and all that.

Anyways.... 2 more nights!

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