19 March 2007


It's been a busy week so sorry about the lack of updates on my blog recently.
  • Got my hair cut on Friday. It was getting looonnngggg, so it was nice to finally get it chopped off.
  • I hate doing taxes. Yuck!
  • I am almost finished with my second Blurb book. This one is a photo book of my families trip to Yellowstone National Park in December 2005. I can't wait for my mom and brothers family to see it.
  • The Fodor's Forum is a fabulous place for information on travel around the world.
  • I got a new Flickr account for my photos. Now I got to transfer them all from Shutterfly and Smugmug to Flickr. That should take a few years. :-)
  • I was stopped by a cop last Thursday. I was very distracted and on the phone (I know...not good). He lectured me on appropriate driving behavior and then walked back to his vehicle. I thought for sure, he was just going to get his ticket book so I proceeded to get my wallet out to retrieve license and insurance card. Next thing I know, cop guy is driving away. I actually uttered, "But don't you want my license and insurance card?"
  • I just found out that I can never go to Uganda or Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas since those countries require Yellow Fever shots and I can't get YF shots due to my RA. Poop... I was actually thinking this might be my next big vacation down the road.
  • I have a new favorite grocery store now. The local Greenwood Market not only has a HUGE Equal Exchange display in the coffee section, but they also sell Fair Trade teas, sugar, and of course, chocolates. In fact, they carry two brands of Fair trade cocoa powder. YAY!!! I don't drink coffee, but I will be buying some of the Fair Trade kind when my mom visits.
  • This coming Sunday, March 25th, is the 200th anniversary of the end of the Slave Trade in England. Celebrate it by buying Fair Trade products or going to see the movie Amazing Grace (or both)!

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