18 October 2006

Monuments and Slots

I have been to Monument Valley in SE Utah several times and I am not sure I have ever seen it NOT rain there when I was there. Last time, overcast and rainy. Sure enough, the rains came as we approached this Navajo Tribal Monument. I think I was a Navajo Rain Princess in a previous life; whenever I go there, I bring rain.

I wasn't to disappointed cause after the accident we witnessed in Canyon de Chelly (see Rugs and the Rollover blog), I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Instead of trying to run over to the park for photos, we checked into our hotel, napped, relaxed, and ate an early dinner. Afterwards, we got some chocolate sundaes to go which we added some spirits to to spice them up a bit. We felt better after dessert. :-)

We stayed in Monument Valley for 2 days. It was nice to sleep in and not have to pack the car. We explored the valley of the park in our car both in the morning and afternoon, catching some great light as it hit the large mesas standing tall in the valley. The road is unpaved and not well maintained, so we bumped along in places. The storm had cleared by afternoon so we had a relatively cloudless sunset.

Mom and I also did some indian jewelry shopping while in Monument Valley. Mom got a beautiful necklace and earring set with jade and tourquois and I got a pretty pendent with some Mexican stone with some inlaid Lapis. Both were pretty and pretty expensive. :-)

After a nice two days in Monument Valley, we headed the short distance to Page, Arizona. Page is home to the amazing Antelope Slot Canyon. Mom and I climbed in the tour vehicle and bumped our way again up a wash to the canyon entrance. Since I had been there before, I was allowed to go ahead and skip the guided tour and just concentrate on photos.

The canyon floor has raised a bit since I was last here two years ago, but the canyon seemed darker. I suspect the lateness of the season and the low sun means less light hitting the upper canyon walls. I still managed to get some very nice photos.

The lower canyon, which is across the main road, was closed. They have had alot of rain here recently, so I suspect the canyon may be very muddy.


Anonymous said...

I visited the lower canyon eariler this year, it was wonderful. Was able to get shots of the sun beams through the top.

Looks like your photo stops are plentiful. Keep the photos coming.

Joy said...

Ooo... pretty canyons. :)