24 September 2006

Again with the Crap!

I found more.....

24K Gold Plated Camera - For those idiots who think a regular digital camera is not good enough, here is the Minox DC1011 24K gold plated camera. This little item also has ten 2-millimeter diamonds surrounding its lens.

Unfortunately, with all the extras, you might miss that this is not a bad little digital camera; 10.1-megapixels with a 2.5-inch viewscreen and a 3x zoom.

Couture Dishwashing Gloves - I bring these up only because they remind me of my friend Joy. Poor Joy is severely allergic to perfumes and scents and stuff so she has to use rubber glover to handwash her dishes. I think these might show up in her Christmas stocking. High fashion dish-washing.

Bullseye Toilet Seat - Here is another useless item for the bathroom. This toilet seat has a sensor and upon detecting a presence lights up and illuminiates a bulls eye in the water. So when you are rip-roaring drunk, you can try and aim for the little dot in the toilet. Umm.... ok.

So I am not a guy, but I really don't think this is practical, even when drunk. Oh, but it does heat the toilet seat, so I guess that is worth the $1165 price tag. *rolls eyes*

Grass Pen Holder - Um? What's wrong with using a cup to hold your pens? And why would you want a patch of grass to stick you pens in. Maybe I don't get it, but .... I don't get it. At. All.

And it is not even real grass. It kinda reminds me of the little pots of grass you can buy at the pet store for your cats to nibble on.

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Joy said...

Personally, I find warm toilet seats a little gross. Not going to pay $1000+ to get that thrill.

Back from the weekend. So tired. Off again tomorrow. Scared and nervous.