13 August 2006

Audio Adrenaline - SoulFest '06

The final concert on Wednesday was Audio Adrenaline or AudioA as they are known within the Christian music world. This is their final tour as apparently the lead singer has blown his voice to the point he must quit.

This was also the point where I was pulled from the pit by the Producer, handed official photo passes, and recruited to shoot the concert for SoulFest. With the photo pass, I was able to go into alot of places previously off limits, inlcuding a premium seating area which had a great overlook of the crowd and stage.

And even though I didn't need a photo pass to wonder the crowd and take crowd/reaction shots, the photo pass gave me a boost of confidence to go out there and take those kind of shots. I was now "official" which helped reduce some of my inhibitions about taking people shots.

But it certainly added a level of stress cause now I was on the hook to get some good shots for the SoulFest folks. Good thing all those past concerts had me more than prepared for taking photos in darkly lit situations.

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