04 June 2006


The new countertop is here. YAY!!!

It was installed yesterday and I really like it. Kudos to Joy, my interior decorator extrodinare, for picking out the granite color. I would have never thought to pick the color she did, but it really works well. I bought a new rug for the kitchen yesterday (which I promptly spilled coke onto) and I painted the kitchen walls and I must say, the kitchen looks so different from when I first moved in.

Of course, the sink still needs to be hooked up as I am waiting for my building super to get home so he can install all that sink plumbing up for me. I dont do plumbing. So I will probably be doing take out again tonight. *sigh*

I will take a photo of the new kitchen for y'all soon and post it.

I also ordered my new couch. Believe it or not, Lay-Z-Boy has a Todd Oldhem collection of couches and chairs that are really modern and stylish and not over-the-top expensive. The couch shows up in 8-10 weeks.

Next home improvement project..... replacing the carpet in the living room with a nice new immitation wood floor.

Of course, in typical me fashion, I am doing all these improvements mere months before I sell the place. I should have done all this years ago when I first moved in. *sigh again*


Joy said...

Glad to hear you like the countertop as well in your kitchen as you do in Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

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